My Virtual Model

About OneStopPlus - Virtual Fitting Room

Launched in November 2011.

This virtual fitting room is a combined Facebook App and inline page integrated into the site.

Users create their model, dress up with 200 items from OneStopPlus brands, save their outfits to their closet, and share outfits with friends on Facebook to get the most votes. The month of November featured a prize of 250$ for the most popular outfit.

You can watch a video of previous contest.

About Relooking-People

Launched in December 2011.

Relooking-People is a personal stylist service based in France. They offer packages to individuals who want personal fashion and makeup consulting. Their team of professional stylists will prepare a personalized report with recommendations illustrated using My Virtual Model. They will also upload a photo of your face onto your virtual model for you. Once you signup, you can also use their online dressing room. Site is in French only.

Try it on Relooking-People.

About Connaught Group - Create A Look

Launched in July 2011.

Create A Look - by the Connaught Group - uses a photo based mix and match outfitting tool for in-house Carlisle and Per Se brands.

Users are guided in their outfitting process to select items that go well together. The user can view the front and back of the mannequin and click a single button to buy the entire outfit.

Styling options are available by clicking on the mannequin. For example, a shirt can be tucked into a pant, and a jacket can be closed or opened. A belt can be put on a skirt or around a jacket. Styling options enable each product to be shown in its unique way including jackets that are reversible and zippers that can detach collars and sleeves.

You can watch a video of previous season.

About Bauer Teen Network -

Launched in January 2011. is virtual mall operated by the Bauer Teen Network along with its 3 teen magazine properties: Twist Magazine, J-14, and M. Since its launch teenagers haved saved over 150,000 outfits into their closets.

Users create their model, dress up with garments selected by the editors of Twist and J-14, save their outfits to their closet, and share outfits on Facebook. Engine's animates the site with her fashion tips and blog.

About My Virtual Model - Visual Search

The Visual Search site enables you to search through over 3000 garments using generic fashion styles. You can also try your hand at uploading a photo of your face.

Users create their model, upload a photo of their face, select generic styles to dress up, and then search for similar products in 3D and 2D to buy. You can arrange items in a collage next to your model for quick comparison.